Our 2019 St Johns & St Josephs Reunion was again held on Saturday 2nd March at the girls orphanage at Kenmore, St Josephs. Although numbers were down slightly on previous reunions, it was still a good roll-up with around 90 old boys and girls attending with family and friends. This year there were a lot of issues with mail invitations not being delivered and about 30 “return to sender”. Plus, not all email invitations were received, so all things considered it was a good turn up. Including a good result from the wider region of NSW, we had people travel from Western Australia, Brisbane Melbourne and Tasmania. A lot of new faces that made this their first reunion and, like those before, were amazed at the refurbishment work that Maggie and Darryl Patterson are doing to the old building. Maggie and Darryl are keen for us to continue holding our reunions at their home (St. Josephs) and our thanks go out to them for their incredible  hospitality and for opening their hearts in welcoming the St .John’s boys and St. Joseph’s girls. Darryl conducted a tour through the old building bringing back memories for many girls.

Sister Rita and Sister Anne-Maria from Young along with Sister Angela made it to another reunion and caught up with old faces and friends.

Our next Reunion will be in March/April in 2021 and again will be held at St. Josephs at Kenmore. Planning this Reunion will start a year out so we can work towards making this one of the biggest we have had in recent years. So contact old friends and start letting them its on again in 2 years.