“Here’s to a Sister, a beautiful lady too

Who means so much to us all

Who puts the welcome mat at the door

For us when we choose to call

She has a keen interest in what we say

Loves to know all that we do

Though it seems 110 can be very old

You’re one that’s young at heart

And while you have lead a busy life

In our lives too you played a part

You were always the one who cared for us

You’re witty and warm and so wise

You watched us, the whole St John’s crew

Success or failure you saw us through

You picked us up when we had a fall

In fact you’re the best Sister of all

So today we are wishing you

A birthday that’s the happiest yet

With cake and candle and don’t forget

Those who care for you all gathered around

To say that in life we’ve always found

That people like you are rare and quite few

You’ve tended and cared and nurtured too

All of us here owe so much to you

So on your 110th birthday we’d all like to say

“We love you and have a wonderful day”.